Help Page for CM/ECF and Attorney Registration


•   Images are now available via the Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF) and through PACER.

•   Cannot read PDF image or the image does not print correctly.

Check the version of Adobe Acrobat you are using to read the images.  Version 5 and greater should have no problems displaying and printing the PDFs.

•   Trying to register on the Attorney Registration web site but I cannot access the site or I receive a Timed Out message
     after clicking the Submit button to submit my registration information.

Click here to print out a copy of the submission to FAX to the District Court.  (pdf)
(FAX# (205) 278-1772   Attn: Attorney Registration)

Click here for information on how to email the information to the District Court.

•   To check the status of a registration or to update any registration information, please send an email

•   I have requested a particular login and password for the Northern District of Alabama District Court CM/ECF.

Your login id will be your Bar ID and a computer generated password. This policy was established by the District Court judges for the Northern District of Alabama. This is why we are requesting your bar id on the atttorney registration.