Federal Court Related Sites: United States Federal Judiciary (AO) Federal Judicial Center United States Sentencing Commission

Sites about Legal Research on the Internet:
The Virtual Chase -- [maintained by Genie Tyburski, reasearch law librarian at Philadelphia's Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll; containing workshop materials, articles, and plenty of links, this is a well-organized and useful site about performing legal research on the Web]

Gateways to Law-Related Sites: Findlaw Internet Legal Resources -- [link categories include legal subject area; professional development; laws; cases and codes; news and reference material; contains complete collection of U.S. Supreme Court cases, with links to cases cited in the opinions] Catalaw: The Internet's Grand Central Legal Station -- [the "catalog of catalogs of law on the 'net", it is an index of legal and government web sites] Internet Legal Resource Guide -- ["established to serve as a comprehensive resource of the information available on the Internet concerning law and the legal profession"] The 'Lectric Law Library (TM) -- [tongue-in-check virtual law library for professionals and laypeople that even has a Reading Room for Judges] Hieros Gamos -- [sponsored by global association of 142 independent law firms; links to legal organizations, including governments worldwide, and over 200 practice areas; the "Government (U.S. Judicial)" practice area allows searches of selected databases for federal cases on the Internet] Counsel Connect -- [online service for legal community; basic membership available to judges and government lawyers free of charge] Internet Legal Resource Center -- [aspires to be "Internet's most comprehensive legal resource cite for both Attorneys and Consumers"] American Law Sources Online! -- [seeks to "provide a comprehensive, uniform, and useful compilation of links to all on-line sources of American law"] University Law Review Project -- [established by FindLaw and the Coalition of Online Journals; search law journals on the Internet; includes link to 15th edition of The Bluebook]

Law Schools: Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute -- [considered one of the pioneering sites for legal research on Web; includes recent and historic Supreme Court cases, U.S. Code, Fed. R. Evid., Fed. R. Civ. P.; contains links to other legal-related sites] Washburn University's Washlaw Web -- [aspires to be comprehensive source of links to legal-related sites; mentioned frequently in articles on legal research on the Internet; hosts approximately 250 discussion groups] Emory University's Law School -- [Emory's Law Links includes the Federal Courts Finder, with links to online collections of federal court decisions, and an Electronic Reference Desk; the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Federalist Papers can be accessed from the Library page] Lyo's Law Lists -- [provides numerous links to law-related Internet discussion groups, i.e., listservs and newsgroups] Indiana University's WWW Virtual Library: Law -- [meta index with links to legal information by organization type and topic, as well as to search tools and other legal sites] Oyez Oyez Oyez: A U.S. Supreme Court Database -- {includes digital recordings of Supreme Court proceedings accessible with Real Audio plug-in software; links to Supreme Court cases since 1891 through Findlaw Project]

Alabama State Bar and Local Bar Associations: Alabama State Bar Alabama Defense Lawyers Association Alabama Trial Lawyers Association Birmingham Bar Association Mobile Bar Association Tuscaloosa County Bar Association

Legislative Branch: GPO (Government Printing Office) Access -- [official site for dissemination of government documents - includes 1992-date Supreme Court decisions; Congressional Record; Code of Federal Regulations; Federal Register; U.S. Code; GAO Reports; GAO Comptroller General Opinions] Library of Congress Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet -- [full text access to bills under consideration in Congress, searchable by bill number or keyword; links to House and Senate directories and Committee homepages; link to A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation, which will bring together online the records and acts of Congress from the Continental Congress through the Forty-second Congress] Library of Congress' Global Legal Information Network -- [GLIN is an online database of laws from more than 35 countries; also includes Guide to Law Online, with descriptions and "links only to the most useful and reliable sites for legal information available for each of the world's nations"] U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library House Judiciary Committee Homepage U.S. Senate Senate Judiciary Committee Homepage General Accounting Office

Executive Branch: The White House -- [includes links to other government agencies] Federal Web Locator -- [maintained by Villanova University's Center for Information Law and Policy, this site contains comprehensive links to federal government web sites] FedWorld Information Network (Dept. of Commerce's National Technical Information Service) -- ["a comprehensive central access point for searching, locating, ordering and acquiring government and business information"] Finance Net -- [established by Vice President Gore's National Performance Review, it aspires to be "the Internet's home for public financial management worldwide"]

Associations & Non-profit Organizations: American Arbitration Association American Association of Law Libraries American Bar Association American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) American Inns of Court American Judicature Society American Society of International Law -- [International Law Springboard contains descriptions and links to some of the most useful international law resources on the Internet] Association of Federal Defense Attorneys Association of Legal Administrators -- [Management Gateway provides links to a wide variety of management resources on the Internet] Association of Trial Lawyers of America The Electronic Frontier Foundation (civil liberties group) -- [online archive includes legislation and regulations, censorship, privacy, cryptography, and surveillance] Federal Bar Association (FBA) Federal Magistrate Judges Association (FMJA) -- [includes Federal Courts Law Review, a new online law review published by the FMJA] International Computer Security Association -- [contains downloadable Managing Employee Internet Access Guide; links to computer security related sites] National Association for Court Management National Center for State Courts -- [links to state court sites; information on court technology, including Courtroom 21] The National Judicial College (Reno, NV) RAND Institute for Civil Justice State Justice Institute

Benefits: Thrift Savings Plan Health Care Financing Administration (Medicare) Social Security Administration Office of Personnel Management -- [includes information about FEHB, CSRS, and FERS]

General Reference Works: My Virtual Reference Desk -- ["The next best thing to knowing something is knowing where to find it;" this site takes Samuel Johnson's quote to heart, with comprehensive links to grammar and usage manuals, encyclopedias, thesauruses, and over 200 dictionaries; search for words in 215 dictionaries simultaneously using "One Look Dictionaries"] The On-Line Book Page -- [Carnegie Mellon University directory providing links to over 6,000 books available free on the Internet; organized by author, title, and subject] Bartleby Library (Columbia University) -- [easy to use digital library that includes Bartlett's Familiar Quotations and Strunk's Elements of Style] Project Gutenberg -- [contains accurate digital versions of over 1,100 literary works in the public domain, including the Complete Works of Shakespeare, the Bible, and Webster's Unabridged Dictionary]

News: C-SPAN -- [includes week's activities in Congress; listen to live broadcasts with Real Audio plug-in software] CNN Interactive Court TV Law Center Law Journal Extra! -- [online law-related news by the publishers of The National Law Journal; contains directory of links, including by practice area] National Public Radio PointCast -- [24-hour desktop news service] The Washington Post The New York Times on the Web

Search Engines and Finding Tools: Alta Vista Findlaw Hotbot Infoseek Metacrawler Yahoo Search Engine Usenet Discussion Groups FAQ Finder -- [guide to FAQs, answers to frequently asked questions about a particular subject usually created and maintained by users with a passion for the subject]

Statistical Information: FedStats -- [maintained by Federal Interagency Council on Statistical Policy to provide easy access to the full range of statistics and information produced by the federal government] U.S. Bureau of the Census -- [social, demographic, and economic information] Government Information Sharing Project -- [administered at Oregon State University Libraries, this site was created with Dept. of Education grant to improve access to electronic government statistical information; includes federal data on population, housing, agriculture, economics, and employment] U.S. Dept. of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics -- [criminal justice statistics]

People Finders: Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator West's Legal Directory Directory Assistance -- [lookup telephone numbers (white and yellow pages), area code and country code information, e-mail addresses, and website locations] Whowhere?

Travel: Mapquest -- [maps and driving directions] American Express' SkyGuide Connections -- [monthly on-line magazine's listing of toll-free numbers for major airlines, hotels, and car rental agencies] QuickAid's Airport Directory -- [links to airport information on ground transportation, airport hotels, ticket counter locations, on-screen terminal maps] The Federal Discount Lodging Directory -- [provides comprehensive listing of discount government rates available at quality hotels in cities around the world]

About the Internet: Encyclopaedia Britannica Internet Guide -- [links to Internet sites with descriptions and ratings; Computers and the Internet category includes links to useful guides about Internet basics] TechWeb Tech Encyclopedia -- [more than 11,000 definitions of computer terms and concepts] Everything E-Mail

Other Interesting Sites : Today's Clock and Calendar Page -- [links to almost every conceivable type of calendar, including religious, celestial, countdown, and world holiday calendars] U.S. Postal Service Zip Code Lookup Smithsonian Institution GSA Federal Supply Service -- [includes information on travel charge card program]




This list of law related bookmarks was created by:

Karen M. Hanchett, Office of Judges Programs
Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts
April 2, 1998

The court is grateful to Ms. Hanchett for permission to use her work.