Requesting Excuse/Deferral from Jury Service

♦     You will not be paid for an appearance if you report to court requesting an excuse that could have been previously approved.

♦     ALL requests must be made through (1) our online request form (, (2) by fax - (205) 278-1771, or (3) by mail. Use only ONE method to submit your request.

♦     Requests must be submitted by the individual who has been summoned for jury service; requests submitted by an employer will be denied.

♦     You must submit a completed copy of your juror information form (bottom half of the jury summons) with your request. If you submit an online request, you must first submit an online summons response.

♦     You must call 1-800-222-8715 or check our website to determine if your request has been granted or denied; you will NOT receive any correspondence by mail regarding your request. You can check the status of your request at any time.

♦     Upon your request, a person may be excused from jury service indefinitely or for a particular term or terms of court if such person:

(1) is an actively practicing physician, dentist or registered nurse;

(2) is 70 years of age or older;

(3) has active care and custody of a child under 10 years of age, or of an aged or infirm person, whose health or safety would be jeopardized by the person’s absence;

(4) within the preceding 2 years has, either in federal or state court, (a) actually served on more than one grand jury, (b) actually served as a grand juror and a petit juror, or (c) actually attended court for service or prospective service as a petit juror for a total of more than 12 days;

(5) will be actively engaged during the period of service as a full-time teacher or student;

(6) serves a public agency in an official capacity, without compensation, as a firefighter or member of a rescue squad or ambulance crew; or

(7) otherwise demonstrates that such jury service will entail undue hardship or extreme inconvenience.