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Judge Virginia Emerson Hopkins

Chambers Location:
Hugo L. Black United States Courthouse
1729 5th Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35203
Parties must comply with the court’s Uniform Initial Order and the Appendices to that Order.  These documents set out required procedures and deadlines relating to pleadings filed before the undersigned. Appendix I is the court’s Standard Qualified HIPAA Protective Order. Appendix II sets out Summary Judgment Requirements. Appendix III alerts parties regarding motions other than motions for summary judgment (and sets out requirements for such motions and automatic deadlines to respond and reply). Appendix IV sets out requirements in Patent Cases.
The practice governing Discovery and Discovery Motions is set out in Exhibit E - Guidelines For Avoiding and Resolving Discovery Disputes (see below).
Any pleading or exhibit that a party wants to be considered at a hearing must be filed and served five business days prior to the hearing, unless otherwise permitted by the court.
All requests for continuances or extensions of time must be in the form of a motion. All written communications with the Judge regarding cases pending before her should be filed electronically. Parties should not communicate with Judge Hopkins by writing letters to chambers.
All proposed orders are to be submitted to chambers by e-mail at, in WordPerfect or Word format.

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Proposed Orders to Chambers:

Parties should not call chambers.
Rather they should call
courtroom deputy Kim Clark at
(205) 278 1722.


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