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Jury Info - Florence Courthouse

Florence Courthouse Address:

John McKinley Federal Building
210 North Seminary Street, Room 202
Florence, AL 35630

Jury Office Telephone:  800-222-8715


You may park on the street or at a parking meter. You will not have time to leave the court to pay parking meter charges. If you receive a parking ticket please take it to the Court Security Officer. Limited parking is also available in the church parking lot located behind the courthouse.


Jurors who live 50 miles or more one-way from the courthouse you may stay overnight in a hotel, or if you have family/friends in the area you may stay with them. If you stay overnight in a hotel you will be paid at the current rate of $166 for each night and $59 on your last day of jury service (the day you travel back home) in addition to your attendance fee. You must submit a receipt to the Court in order to receive this fee. If you stay overnight with family/friends you will be paid $59 for each night and for your last day of jury service in addition to your attendance fee.