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Chief Judge R. David Proctor

Chambers Location:
Hugo L. Black United States Courthouse
1729 5th Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35203


Parties are required to abide by court-issued briefing schedules for the submission of materials relating to any matter before the court. However, to the extent that parties wish to submit additional materials (not addressed by Appendix II and Exhibit B) to be considered by the court at a hearing (e.g., additional motions, supplemental responses, surreply briefs, or other memoranda), such materials must be filed electronically at least two (2) days before the date of the hearing. Papers filed after that time may not be considered at the hearing.

Before Filing Any Motion
Parties should refer to Section IV.B. of Judge Proctor's Initial Order which states: Prior to filing any motion in [a] case, moving counsel shall contact the opposing counsel and determine if counsel will oppose the motion. All motions SHALL include, in the caption under the case number, a notation that the motion is either "Opposed" or "Unopposed." The first paragraph SHALL briefly summarize the parties' attempts to resolve the issue(s) and set forth areas of agreement and disagreement.

Summary Judgment and Other Motions
Parties should refer to Exhibit B of Judge Proctor's Initial Order for a briefing schedule for non-summary judgment motions, and Appendix II for Summary Judgment motions.

Motions for Extension of Time
Parties are REMINDED to file motions requesting an extension of time sufficiently in advance of their deadline so the court may issue a ruling in a timely fashion.

Motions to Seal
Parties are REMINDED to file motions to seal sufficiently in advance of their deadline so the court may issue a ruling in a timely fashion. Parties are to refer to the Civil Administrative Procedures Manual for CM/ECF and the Criminal Administrative Procedures Manual for CM/ECF.

Have A Question About Your Case?
Attorneys who have filed an appearance in the case (as opposed to non-attorneys) may communicate with the court. Do not ask about the timing of rulings on motions.  All pending motions will be ruled upon in due time.

Staff Information

CM/ECF Helpdesk for Civil Cases:

Phone: (205) 278-1724

Do NOT call chambers for legal advice.
Chambers staff are prohibited from giving legal advice.

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